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'Welcome to FloweryHazel the Florists'

flowery hazel selling fresh flowers and bouquetsFloweryHazel has been an established florist in Liverpool City Centre for 5 years. We are already taking the city by storm and have opened our second shop, Blossoms by FloweryHazel, in Kirkdale.

FloweryHazel specialises in hand tied bouquets in smart gift bags. We make small ones, big ones, tall ones and short ones. No order is too big, too small or too difficult.

Our city centre florist always stocks a large variety of houseplants in decorative pots, orchids in vases and flowering plants with glitter butterflies.

Do you have flowers in your office? We are the best florists for the job! We now serve a number of large office blocks with fresh flowers every Monday morning. Every vase is tailor made to your needs, colour, size and style.

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